Career Development

Talented individuals like you make the world a better place for everyone. Join a global team driving innovation around the world. You’ll work with some of the best and brightest to build your career and make a real difference in your community – and your career.

Working at Belden means tackling tough problems for our customers and developing creative solutions. You won’t be bored here; there is a continuous stream of interesting opportunities and challenging projects. We cultivate a culture of learning and ongoing development, where all support and encourage one another to advance collectively. You will find an organization that welcomes your ideas, innovative spirit, and unique perspectives. We relentlessly pursue excellence and support each other every step of the way.

Belden believes in putting our people first. It’s one of our company values: We Invest in Talent. And that means we invest in YOU. Our ongoing commitment to your career and personal development includes

Global Opportunities 

At Belden, we recognize the importance of global experiences in shaping your professional journey. We offer a diverse array of global opportunities, aligning with your aspirations and bringing you closer to your long-term goals. This commitment to providing a world of opportunities ensures your growth and development transcend geographical boundaries.

Talent Management

Our talent councils serve as collaborative platforms where our leaders converge to deeply invest in talent by focusing on succession planning and career development. Through comprehensive assessments and tailored career development plans, we ensure that our talent pools are nurtured and prepared for future leadership roles.  

Tuition Reimbursement for Career Advancement 

At Belden, we invest in your ongoing education and professional development. Our Tuition Reimbursement program supports your pursuit of advanced degrees or relevant certifications. This commitment underscores our dedication to helping you achieve your career goals and ensuring that your skills remain at the forefront of your field. 

Belden Academy: Our Learning Management System 

Belden Academy, our state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS), is your gateway to a comprehensive suite of learning resources. Tailored to individual needs, it offers diverse courses, training modules, and resources to enhance your skills. Whether you are exploring innovative technologies or honing existing ones, Belden Academy is here to support your continuous learning journey, providing you with the tools you need to thrive in your career at Belden. 

Belden believes in building tomorrow’s leaders today. We invest in development of our leaders through career conversations, leadership assessments, and coaching. We pride ourselves in promoting leaders from within – so much so that >70% of leadership roles are filled internally.