Our Functions


At Belden, our Finance team drives financial excellence and strategic decision-making. We provide accurate, transparent, and timely financial information, upholding the highest standards of integrity, compliance, and risk management. Leveraging expertise and innovation, we optimize financial performance, maximize shareholder value, and ensure Belden long-term financial health.


At Belden, our Sales team is committed to driving growth, building lasting customer relationships, and delivering exceptional value. We understand unique customer needs, provide tailored solutions, and aim to exceed expectations. Through collaboration and a customer-centric approach, we empower customers to achieve their objectives, contributing to Belden's success by driving revenue growth and expanding market share.

Research & Development

At Belden, our R&D team pioneers innovation and leads with cutting-edge technology. Committed to relentless exploration and customer-driven innovation, we aim to exceed evolving customer needs. Positioned as trailblazers, we drive sustainable growth and set new standards for excellence in the industry.


At Belden, our Operations team is known for their efficient and reliable processes that exceed customer expectations. Committed to excellence, we optimize workflows, enhance productivity, and maintain high-quality standards. We minimize environmental impact and foster a culture of continuous improvement, contributing to Belden's global success.

Information Technology

At Belden, our IT team delivers cutting-edge solutions for operational excellence, productivity, and overall efficiency. Committed to providing robust and secure IT infrastructure, we stay at the forefront of technological advancements. Our collaborative environment encourages creativity and continuous improvement, focusing on reliability, security, and agility as catalysts for Belden's success in the ever-evolving IT landscape.

Product Management

At Belden, our Product Management team leads strategic development, delivering unmatched value to customers. We focus on aligning our product portfolio with cutting-edge technology and exceptional quality. Through strategic planning and collaboration, we aim to drive market share, enhance Belden's competitiveness, and solidify our position as a global leader.


At Belden, our Marketing team is dedicated to driving growth, building brand value, and cultivating meaningful customer connections. Committed to exceeding customer needs, fostering loyalty, and delivering impactful campaigns, we use creativity, data-driven insights, and a customer-centric approach to elevate Belden's market presence. Our mission is to be the catalyst for connecting Belden's offerings with the evolving needs of our global audience, contributing to overall company success.

Human Resources

At Belden, our Human Resources team dedicated to embodying and championing our six company values. We're committed to enhancing Belden's performance through innovative and proven human resources strategies. Gain diverse experience across specialties to become a well-rounded and strategic-minded HR professional.

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